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The Veterans Standdown and Homeless Resource Event (HRE) is a one-day event, addressing two different underserved and at-risk populations. It is in recognition of veterans, and support of the homeless and those at risk Standdown and HRE is a community-based intervention event designed to help the San Bernardino County veterans and the homeless with purposeful outreach and direct help by bringing the solutions to the community directly. Reaching New Heights believes in a huge opportunity to help local homeless and veterans with a structured outreach as that is our core strength. Standdown and HRE will ultimately provide resources that promote their transition to stable housing and care.


Increase the overall awareness and utilization of resources for veterans, homeless, and at-risk populations by providing direct support and services. Creating awareness for these underserved populations of their benefits, eligibility to funds and services that will directly impact and enhance the community. By reaching out to these underserved populations and getting them processed we can get them a hand up and not a handout. Once a veteran, homeless, or anyone who is at risk the access to the proper resources and the desire to want to do better they can become a productive member of society. Additionally, the program enables a veteran, homeless, and those at-risk to find housing and employment. Many of these additional services will be provided by partners of Reaching New Heights Foundation. The success of this event can create a healthy, positive, and vibrant community that we all desire to live in.


This event provides access to services that will help veterans, homeless, and those at risk start on the path to receiving housing, resources, and job/education. To facilitate, manage, and conduct a countywide Veterans Standdown and HRE that can lead to reduction in crime, veteran homelessness as well as improving relations with first responders and fostering a better environment within the community we serve. Additionally, Veterans, homeless, and those at risk will receive benefits like surplus clothing, access to medical, dental services, housing, counseling, legal, employment, training, education benefits, credit counseling, pet care and business development services available to them.


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San Bernardino County
Department of Veterans Affairs


Superior Court of California County of San Bernardino
SAC Health System
United Way
The Salvation Army
California Department of Veterans Affairs
City of San Bernardino
Veterans of Foreign Wars California


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