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Reaching New Heights with the Judge is a podcast site for Veterans, those who care about Veteran and anyone who wants insightful knowledge. We will talk about life, veterans, benefits, Veterans treatment court, Leadership and issues. Our interviews with veterans tell stories of over coming and beating the odds.

The Honorable Judge Mark Johnson is a Riverside County superior court judge. He has 28 years in U.S Army active and reserve. He is a retired Colonel who sent 12 month in Iraq. His time in the combat zone impacted his life profoundly. He understands Veterans and wants to give them a second chance. Judge Johnson maybe joined during interviews by Sgt. Major Coker.

Sgt. Major Coker is the CEO of Reaching New Heights Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit organization. Reaching New Heights Foundation was founded in 2013 to help service members transition out of the military or justice involve. He has over 26 years of service active and reserves in the U.S. Army with 2 tours in Iraq.

We have teamed up to help Veterans. Our podcast are informative, interesting, and relevant. Our hope is that the topics we discuss help veterans grow, heal and get help if they need it. It is challenging to navigate life especially for those who suffer from the invisible wounds of war.

We are interested in the topics you would like to here us discuss..


Why We Need Veterans Courts

August 15, 2022

Reaching NewHeights with the Judge is pleased to present our best guest ever, Felix “The Nighthawk” Giles. Giles speaks words of inspiration to all Americans and particularly to the veteran community. 

Photo of The Honorable Judge Mark Johnson

Why We Need Veterans Courts

July 18, 2022

Trauma from combat often leads to veterans facing criminal charges. This is a tragedy, because these men and women are heroes and were ordered by our country to war. The answer is special courts that can heal the invisible wounds of war while making a better life for our servicemen and women.

Photo of the Honorable Judge Mark Johnson and Sgt. Major Coker

Mentors, the Heroes of Veterans Court

July 17, 2022

Retiring after two combat tours to Iraq and 26 years in uniform, retired Army Command Sergeant Major Gregory Coker learned was not ready for retirement. In 2014, he started the Reaching New Heights Foundation ( and took over has Chief of the mentor.

Photo of Ken Haley, USMC Purple Heart Recipient

Ken Haley, USMC Purple Heart Recipient

July 16, 2022

Ken Haley is an American hero. Serving two tours in Iraq and wounded three times in battle, Ken returned home to an America that neither understood nor cared about his struggles. 100% disabled, this career Marine found himself a civilian facing criminal charges in Riverside County California.

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